This year, Nuherbs will highlight our Bespoke Extracts and Field to Shelf capabilities, showing the range of possibilities with adaptogens, such as ginseng, schisandra, and reishi.

We will focus on use cases for specific botanicals including whole herbs, extracts, or custom products for use in finished goods with innovative formats outside of the tablet and capsule space. We will present these as new opportunities for customers in the areas of customization, active-aging, and mood support, offering a greater reach into the Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z markets.

By expanding our Bespoke Extracts program, we now offer more solutions for customization. We actively partner with our customers; helping with those product development concepts and technologies outside of a company’s wheelhouse, developing extracts standardized to unique levels, or designing an exclusive herbal blend precisely detailed for each customer. 

Beyond that, we now also offer value-add customization answers for innovative finished products, helping differentiate and expand business for each client. Our company has the expertise to assist customers through expansion of their portfolios with new delivery formats unique to the botanical market, developing extracts and products that are outside the traditional tablet and capsule delivery systems.

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